MPV5 Yagi antenna

Modified PV4 Yagi antenna by E73M Bookmark and Share

MPV5 (Modified PV) Yagi antenna is based on original PV4, W2PV 4 element Yagi antenna design as described in 15th editionof ARRL antenna handbook and in October 1986 QST  by Bill Myers, K1GQ.

It is obvious that MPV5  gained just 0.1dB in forward gain and few dB's in F/B ratio compared to original PV4 design. Most of improvement came in VSWR ratio which shows almost flat line across the band.

MPV5 is great compromise of Yagi antenna considering the solid gain and F/B at the boom of only 0.5735 wl. Thanks to EZNEC modeling software it is possible to experiment and find solutions and improvements on many known antenna designs such as Yagi-Uda antenna.


Original PV4 design by W2PV Modified PV4 into MPV5 by T93M




Element Half element (wl) Spacing (wl) Element Half element (wl) Spacing (wl)
Director 2 0.2240 0.5735 Director 3 0.2240 0.5735
Director 1 0.2325 0.3240 Director 2 0.2325 0.3350
      Director 1 0.2355 0.1325
Driven 0.2375 0.1235 Driven 0.2475 0.0860
Reflector 0.2535 0.00 Reflector 0.2535 0.00

All element diameters 0.001 wl